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QueerOperaPunks' Journal
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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
9:21 am
Andy Bell on Popstar to Opera Star
Does anyone still read this comm? Whatever. I have no idea where else I could possibly post about this. Andy Bell of Erasure (one of my favorite singers, and totally queer! Yay!) is on a British reality TV show called Popstar to Opera Star, which is about what you'd expect from the title. He just made it through the first performance competition round with his rendition of "O sole mio".

What do we think? Personally, I have to agree with the first panelist about having to smile whenever I see him perform. I can't help it. But does the sun shine (as panelist #4 claims)? Does his personal stamp work for the piece? Should he work on his vibrato? And wow, poor guy totally does look like he hasn't any idea what to do with his body, doesn't he?
Thursday, January 6th, 2011
9:33 pm
I'm assuming that one reason for the decline of this community has been the mass migration to the Book of Face. To that end, I've just started a Facebook group that everyone should join, because queer opera punks are the grooviest of all punks!!! (Happy to hand over leadership, should the mods of this community wish to take over.)

Click here, ye scurvy sods!
Friday, December 24th, 2010
10:14 am
Friday, December 10th, 2010
7:54 pm
a fresh post
yes, art_wank_diva, i would love to have not one, but two new opera recordings:-).
That is one of the reasons for this post.
The second is I would like to find a community of opera loving people that is real alive. It seems there are not many people who want to talk about their favourite operas, singers, recordings...
I try to write about these things on my LJ, but often in Czech and almost without any response.

So what to tell now?
Something about myself and my passion for opera? Maybe some more people will join me in the comments or new posts.

My most favourite singers are : Jose Carreras, Juan Diego Flórez, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Simon Keenlyside, Fritz Wunderlich. (in the alphabetical order:))  (currently number 1-2 are Simon and Dmitri:-))) I think)
Other favourites are Cecilia Bartoli, Dorothea Roschmann, Andreas Scholl, Bryn Terfel, Jonas Kaufmann....and more (see my User profile:-) if you want to).

My favourite operas are f.e. these : 
Barbiere di Siviglia
La Boheme
Don Giovanni
Eugen Onegin
Hamlet - Ambroise Thomas
Il Trovatore
(in alphabetical order) :-))

I like watching Live in HD MET transmissions. Does somebody go to the cinema operas too?
I am already looking forward to seeing Don Carlo tomorrow, where Simon sings Rodrigo Posa.  (and of Trovatore with Dmitri H. in April and Comte Ory with Juan Diego Flórez).
I like this fanweb of Simon and visit it almost daily.
I like when opera theatre performances are acted well (not only well sung) which is one reason why I like Simon Keenlyside so much. CD recordings or concert performances are other thing:-)
I often go to the theatre in the town where I work and I go to see opera there too. The last opera I saw live in theatre was Carmen and (two weeks ago) Labyrinthe of Passion (an opera by a Moravian young contemporary composer), next opera performances I plan see live in theatre will probably be The Bartered Bride by Smetana and Eugen Onegin by Tschaikovsky.
I subscribed to Metplayer (see the web of the MET) which I think to be a great possibility to watch or listen to great MET performances for a reasonable price (i write it here for people who don´t know about it ). another good possibility is the BBC3 web, where you can listen to one opera a week, free of charge (you may listen here to many audios of classical music too, and free of charge as well).
I also buy lots of DVD´s and always struggle to get from ebay sellers:-))) what they owe to me. 

The performance of the 2009/2010 Live in HD MET season I liked most was Hamlet of course.
Saturday, December 4th, 2010
9:37 pm
That's it?
Only two people want free opera?

Weak, y'all.
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
6:56 pm
this shit
is Boughetto!
Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
8:47 pm
Thursday, June 25th, 2009
7:46 am
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
9:46 pm
francesa patané
omg... this is some major hot mess action. la patané is a callas copier, with a hot decolletage, and way too much glottal action. but, i couldn't stop watching. her career must have been about 5 years long with technique like this.:


Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
1:15 pm
Ohhhh My Gawwwwwwwwwd
Verbier Festival July 20th 19h00

Don Giovanni
de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Verbier Festival Orchestra
Collegiate Chorale
Manfred Honeck direction

Rôles par ordre d’apparition vocale:

René Pape basse (Leporello)
Edita Gruberova soprano (Donna Anna)
Bryn Terfel baryton-basse (Don Giovanni)
Thomas Quasthoff baryton-basse (Commendatore)
Matthew Polenzani ténor (Don Ottavio)
Susan Graham mezzo-soprano (Donna Elvira)
Sylvia Schwartz soprano (Zerlina)
Robert Gleadow baryton-basse (Masetto)
Friday, March 27th, 2009
3:13 pm
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
11:05 am
Just got Goo-Goo's Madama Tahiti Butterfly this morning. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but it's better than I've expected. Here's a promotion clip, but I guess you all have seen it already.

Thoughts anyone?
Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
1:10 pm
Youngster comes to rescue.-Liederabend 09-03-2009 @ OZ

Liederabend 09-03-2009

Ruben Drole, bariton

Jens Fuhr, piano


On Sunday everything was still fine. By the time I left the opera house after the performance of Siegfried, the posters were already hanging on the wall announcing Jonas Kaufmann would be singing a very interesting program of Liszt and Strauss. (Btw, Philippe Jordan’s Siegfried was awesome despite of a not-so-heroic Siegfried and a Brünnhilde with a dodgy diction.) But on Monday morning, the website of OZ announced that due to illness, Jonas would not be able to perform at the Lieberabend that night.


To pacify the angry mob….. I mean, the disappointed Jonas fans *g* who came all the way to Zurich, OZ generously offered a free recital with the Swiss baritone Ruben Drole accompanied by Jens Fuhr. IMO, and I’m definitely not the only one here, Ruben Drole is one of the most promising singers of the younger generation. With a strong voice, solid technique and a rare charismatic stage presence that can only be born with, not learned in school, it’s not surprising that after his apprenticeship at OZ, he was immediately engaged and given major roles such as Papageno, Guglielmo and Figaro (Barbiere by Paisiello and Nozze). Even in supporting roles (Haly in Italiana at Aix-en-Provence and Argante in Rinaldo at OZ) he is still quite a show stopper.


I have seen Ruben Drole in German and Italian roles, in which he excelled, but not in French repertoire yet. Therefore, the recital on Monday night showed some novelties of Drole’s amazing talent. He mastered the French songs by Bizet, Poulenc and Ravel with exemplary diction and lots of charm and humour. He accentuated beautifully the nuances in the lyrics. If I had to be supercritical and nag about something, I would wish that he would tone it down a little bit and be not so “operatic” with these delicate French songs. But then again, it is also thanks to his nature which oozes drama in everything he sings that made those modern songs of Racine, Fuerter and Wettstein rather enjoyable.


Georges Bizet (1838 – 1875)   
    La Coccinelle (Poésie de Victor Hugo)

Philippe Racine
   3 LIEDER pour voix et piano   
   Sur des Textes de Robert Walser (2001)
    I    Trug
    II    Wie immer
    III    Müdigkeit

Francis Poulenc (1899 – 1963)
    Le Bestiaire ou Cortège d’Orphée (Poèmes de G. Apollinaire)
    le dromadaire
    la chèvre du Thibet
    la sauterelle
    le dauphin
    la carpe                       

Claude Debussy
(1862 – 1918)   
    Poissons d’or ; Images II Nr.3

Peter Wettstein
    Vier Gesänge (2004) für Bariton und Klavier
    nach Texten von Hans Magnus Enzensberger
   -    Der Störfall                       
   -    Fragen an die Kosmologen               
   -    Ein kleiner Beitrag zur Verminderung
   -    Der Ausweg       

Maurice Ravel
(1875 – 1937)  
    Histoires Naturelles (Paroles de Jules Renard)
    Le Paon
    Le Grillon                       
    Le Cygne                       
    Le Martin-Pêcheur                       
    La Pintade

Daniel Fueter (*1949)  
    sechzehn aspersüss
    – Hommage a Sch –
    Strophen von Heinrich Heine
    Gesetzt 1998/99

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
6:49 am
My NEW Blog Up & Running!
Hello dear QOPs! Finally, after years of posting rather anonymously here and in other online communities, I am comin' out of the closet. I have debuted my new blog. It was SO time. I am thankful to QOP/malibran/leyla for helping me sprout my Valkyre wings, in opera banter, commentary, gripes and adoration.:

It will feature more than opera/classical music commentary/reviews/gripes, etc. But, that will certainly be at least a large portion of what you can find there.

I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing from you. Comment away! And, in case you're terribly worried, I won't be a stranger! If you have any fabulous blogs yourself, share them in the comments here, and perhaps I can post them as worthy links on my blog.

"jumping clapping man"
Sunday, February 15th, 2009
11:06 pm
8:29 pm
She is very old

I hate the Russian Mafia.
Friday, February 13th, 2009
1:21 pm
Indiana Vasquez and the hunt for the lost city of Harlem


"you do know that your 7:15pm departure has been postponed for 11:15 pm tonight, right?"

-I guess I know now...


was able to find a used copy of WALL-E at the airport movie store. BOY was that the right decision.


PROBLEM: If my flight arrives in NEWARK AT 2:10 am, and the train from NJ transit to NY Penn Station stops running at 2 am. How am I going to make it from NEWARK NJ to NY PENN STATION after we land?

-TWO RICH SOCIALITES "Oh dear, take a cab, its only like 60 bucks to Harlem, and you dont get to deal with the mugging concept...its totally worth it"

-ONE NY BUSINESSMAN "I agree..cab it"

-EX BF ON THE PHONE "Child, dont listen to rich people, take this bus for 2 dollars...its called the OLYMPIA bus...it will take a couple of hours to get there"

-HUSBAND ON THE PHONE "Try to get on that Olympia bus...if not...just stay in the terminal until 4 am when the new train takes off"

-ME: Why jesus..why


As described to Will on Gmail Chat:

me: i dodged death like 4 times last night
Will: That airplane ride bumpy?
me: it was like a rollercoaster ride
but nothing as scary as that other plane that blew up
Will: truth
Will: I was worried last night that it was gonna be a rough ride... but didn't want to scare you
me: so, check this shit out
i almost got kidnapped and rapped last night
Will: say what?
me: so...as the flight is taking off at 11 pm last night
this black guy that was sitting next to me
was striking up conversation
so I was thinking 'hmmm maybe he will want to split a cab when we get to newark"
so im talking back, etc
so then he goes "where you going in NY again?
and I give him the coordinates
and he goes "im driving up there, I could give you a ride if you want"
so initially im like "thats cool...sure!"
and then as the plane is up in the air, i go "did i just accept to get into a car with a stranger in NY city? whats
wrong with this LIFETIME TV for WOMEN movie of the week?
me: then I realize that hes kinda flirting with me
letting his hand slightly touch my leg/etc
then I realize "ohhhhh helllssss no"
Will: He wanted some ass
me: so bottom line is: i dont want to be in a car with this dude
so when the plane lands, I act like im talking to my ex justin and that he's saying he's gonna pick me up
Will: Haha, you should have said my BOYFRIEND JUSTIN. TO WHOM I AM VERY FAITHFUL.
me: cuz you know, you cant just be like "nevermind, i rather sleep in the terminal toilet than get a ride from you because you are sketchy"
and he's like "oh ok...you dont need a ride...thats cool
Will: Hah, you'll quickly learn rule #2 of New York... Don't talk to black men.
me: ha ha
he's like...making sure i dont pass him
he's taking his time getting his bags...im behind him..he's walking all slow....
Will: Jesus
Creepy as fuck
me: yeah and everytine I try to pass him he turns around and goes "we should hang out"
Will: He did NOT
me: and im like "HA HA...YOU SO CRAZY"
and he goes "i really wanted to give you a ride"
Will: yeah, b/c THAT'S not a double entendre
me: and I basically just started to walk in that "you are creepy, watch me walk in the opposite vector" motion
Will: hah
Was he at least an attractive black man?
me: no
Will: Should've said "Uh, you ain't no KANYE, I'll pass."
me: HA
well frankly, i was mostly freaked about by the whole "hey....this isnt Manhattan...where are you taking me"
Will: Yup
me: ive seen WAY too many horror movies for that
Will: Bc your ass would have been in NJ
And he could have gotten on the Turnpike
And you'd be like "Wait, what?"
me: exactly
and I aint trying to get eaten
Sent at 12:17 PM on Friday
Will: hah
that's so sketchy
Sent at 12:20 PM on Friday
me: i know right
im glad i said no


Airport attendant: You may still be able to get a train...go buy the ticket quick and get to the station with a quickness!

"Airtrain is not providing service to Raillink tonight, pls take a bus. we apologize for the inconvenience"

SUPERFRIENDLY BUS DRIVER LADY "Oh dear, you are trying to get to the rail link terminal right? poor child..Ill take you there"

*bus ride goes over some sketchy "escape from NY" looking shit*

Arrive at RAILINK

oh oh


RAILINK Attendant "You can sit over there and wait" (points to guy with bags on the floor sleeping/drool coming out of his mouth and collection on the unmopped marble floor {clean up guy has mopped around him})

Call Brandon: "Hey, I Just wanted to let you know that Im stuck in Newark for a while /dont stay up for me"
Brandon: "You know a plane crashed tonight and we all thought you were dead"

Call Caleb: "Hey, sorry to wake you. There was a plane crash tonight...not my plane. I live"
Caleb: "praise jesus"

ACTIVATE: WALL-E (damn dvd has a skip, but it kept me fairly entertained)

4:50 am. Train arrives on time. We make it to penn station at 5:30

Act IV

Dunkin Donuts lady at Penn Station "Coffee with cream?"
me: Coffee with Caffeine, pls

Take RED line 1 uptown to 125 street. Everyone in the train is the living dead I swear to God. I do not notice im in the WRONG train. Arrive at 125 street station at 5:50 am and I realize i have to walk 6 blocks. Its fine. I am geeked out on Dunkin Donuts

Call Brandon. RING RING RING RING RING (40 times)/Finally wake him up and meet his couch at 6 am

instead of sleeping/I start uploading gencer operas from his box set into my itunes

Final Chorus: Some things never change
8:24 am
how so not funny will this be?
"Dame Kiri Te Kanawa's return to the Met in the speaking role of the Duchess von Krakenthorp."
Thursday, February 12th, 2009
11:15 am
The Atlanta Opera wrote
at 5:11pm on January 29th, 2009
We have some good news and bad news.
The Bad news Ewa Podles will not be performing in Il trovatore
The Good News Marianne Cornetti will be perfoming in her stead.
5 fun facts about Marrianne Cornetti.
Sunday, February 8th, 2009
7:26 pm
Jacksonville: a bunch of firsts
First time eating at hooters
First time telling a woman with an oxygen tank to shush that hissing at the performance
First time seeing chorus members sing ala Stevie Wonder
First Goerke Turandot
First time seeing Tela Tequila singing Timur
First speeding ticket (ugh)

More later.
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